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Wörwag Pharma's product range consists of prescription drugs as well as OTC- (over the counter) products and food supplements. All products are exclusively available in pharmacies.

The human being as focal point
The human being as focal point

Wörwag Pharma is close to human needs and that is the reason we are lastingly successful. Since the company was founded, apart from medications against diabetic polyneuropathy, biofactors (such as vitamins, minerals and trace elements) are the focus of our product range. They play a vital role in the human body.

Milgamma<sup>®</sup> protekt
Milgamma® protekt

Persons suffering from diabetic neuropathy, nerve damage manifests itself through unpleasant altered sensations such as tingling, burning, numbness or pain in their feet. milgamma® protekt protects nerves and vessels and effectively relieves these altered sensations.

B12 Ankermann<sup>®</sup> Vital
B12 Ankermann® Vital

B12 Ankermann® Vital is a dietary supplement. The bioactive provision of vitamin B12 in form of methylcobalamin brings new vitality for body and soul. At the same time, vitamin B12 helps to maintain a normal energy metabolism and reduces fatigue and tiredness. It contributes to a normal psychological functioning and a normally functioning nervous system.

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What are biofactors?

Biofactors play a vital role in the human body. They make a decisive contribution to the smooth running of metabolic processes and a proper functioning of the organs. For this reason, biofactors play a vital role for maintaining people in good health. Nowadays they are also used successfully for natural and supporting therapy.

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